Sunday, December 27, 2009

Which Marvel Character are You?

DAY 18

I have completed my fair share of "which person are you?" quizzes on social networking sites.  My neglected MySpace page still lists my secret super hero identity as the Hulk and John as Robin.  At the time I found these quizzes humorous and partially accurate.  Now I realize that they were completely wrong.

To discover your inner Marvel self one must play Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. I am Wolverine.  I tried to switch between Spiderman, Ironman or Captain America but they just do not do it for me. Wolverine is self healing and famous for his use of agro tactics.  I may not have magical healing abilitues but I am a grab the bull by the horns kind of gal.  I am not sure what strategy we will have to take in the game to keep Wolverine in the Alliance but I hope we can hold on to him.

John prefers Ironman.  I cannot be bothered with aiming, flying and shooting. I am not sure if John strongly favors Tony Stark or if he is suffering from Ironman fever.  We went to see Sherlock Holmes today and saw a preview for the new Ironman movie.  John might prefer a more calculated super hero or it could be that he just thinks Tony Stark/ Robert Downy Jr. is awesome.

The controls of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 are easy peasy because the camera automatically chooses the view. My one complaint is how cluttered the screen becomes.  Since there are so many enemies and members of the alliance often the screen is chaos.  A few times I commenced button mashing because I was not sure which hero was mine.  There was no death or crazy confusion like the last few nights so overall this was a successful night for us. 

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  1. While The Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man is pure awesome, the marvel version is kind of a cocky ass, So I'll stick with Captain America Or good ol' Spidey for now.
    I do have to agree Wolvie Is a perfect fit for ya. I think you gonna enjoy hulk too "Hulk Smash" ^^