Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Warm Toes & Demos

DAY 13

Today we played a new demo on the PS3 called Army of 2: 40th day.  It made me want to play Gears of War.  The third person perspective is easier for me.  

Games are expensive and we do not buy every highly anticipated game.   Admittedly, we do buy a lot of games but cannot afford as many as we would like.  One way to break up the monotony of playing 100 days and not break the bank is demos.  They are free and it gives us a chance to try something new.  If we like it then we can go out and buy it and if we hate it, we go back and play one of our other games. 

They Army of 2 demo must be played as co-op.  This means that John had to either coordinate his schedule with Rocky or play with me.  Since Rocky has a full dancecard I got to play with John tonight.  The only downside to trying out this demo was that John has never played the Army of 2. Today we both went in blind.

We have our own little intermission sessions.  I am blogging while John picks our guns.  They even have an option for diamond incrusted grenades but I passed on that particular choice.  He did style all of our guns to match with camo and changed the stock.  John was almost giddy that you can customize your gun to be hideous and felt he should test the possibilities. 

I am not sure how far we made it into the demo but we killed a lot of people.  We saved a couple innocents but mostly we just shot a ton of bad guys and watched buildings get blown up. One of my favorite parts of the demo was controlling a turret; before today I was not clear on what a turret was but for me it is best described as a metal people mover with a really big machine gun attached.

John and I spent a lot of time apart today.  I went to church and then to help pack for the big move and John stayed home to finish up Christmas gifts.  Tonight, like most days is the first time we get to spend time together (grown-up time that is.) I realized that we have been playing footsie this entire hour. 

Today I am thankful to have someone to play co-op demos with and to keep my feet warm.  


  1. I always wonder how to respond to these, like should I go on a full nerd rant about how awesome it is to play a game and have an AK-47 with a custom barrel, stock and is painted gold? Or do I talk about how awesome it is to be able to share one of my few joys and escapes with my favorite person. Either way sitting down with Christine and trying to figure out how to get through our newest gaming session is always a treat I look forward to.

  2. I might not have many of these left I don't know if ill be working tomorrow and it's super late, and my iPad is at 10% so I should probably sleep soon. It's funny how the blogs foreshadow the next one. One blog talks about what it would be like to play a game I don't know, and then we do. It seems like everyday we are walking into the unknown. My recovery, patience, forgiveness, and humility. It seems like you are constantly protecting me from the world. Putting up with people's blame and anger when you don't deserve any of it. I'm the one who screwed up I'm the one who is the selfish jerk. I don't know how to show you that you're the one I want to live with forever. Your the one in want to argue with over stupid things. Your the one in want to bring me Tylenol when I'm sore. You're the one I want to hobble with after long runs. Your the one in want to share chocolate cake with. Also who else is going to enjoy all the flavored vodkas in want to start making, you know I can't smell for carp and I really don't want to take up drinking.