Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Why I love James Marsters and You Should Too

While traveling from Orlando, Florida back to my home in Bakersfield California I had a serendipitous event that has left me forever changed.

But before I tell you what occurred, I need to provide some context.  My love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer runs deep; though some might claim that I am a “fan-girl” or “geek” those labels do not do justice to my passion for Joss Whedons’ storytelling and the artists who bring it to life. 
My love for Buffy transcends re-runs and spans decades. There are many dimensions to my relationship with the BtVS franchise that include comics, video games, novels, scholarly articles and books, board games, clothing and home décor.  I am loyal not just to BtVS franchise but enjoy new dimensions of the lore and projects by associated artists (I can’t wait for Amber Bensons next book!!!!).

While I am on the subjects of books, “The Last Bookstore” in Downtown Los Angeles has a great selection of my paranormal romance and fantasy and there are several shelves dedicated to Buffy/BtVS related lore.  On a recent visit to TLB the hubs found a “Spike and Drusilla” novel by my favorite author Christopher Golden, that by some miracle I had yet to read.  To maintain some semblance of sanity I brought the book along to read on my cross-country flight.


A few months ago, my real life converged with my favorite fantasy when in a TSA line at the Orlando Airport I spot James Marsters.  I started panicking and one of the TSA screeners actually turned to me and asked if I was “feeling okay?”  Thankfully, I was not pulled aside for a cavity search and after a few moments I remembered that I need to keep track of my children.

I walked up to James Marsters and asked if he would sign my book (I am not sure how unsettled he was that I happened to have a Spike novel on my person). He did not let on any duress, and personally addressed the autograph to me, aka“ Dr. CCB.” And if that was not generous enough he took time out to take a photo with me and the fam.  He remarked that he appreciates that “educated people love the show.” 

I almost died of embarrassment when my 8-year old chimed in to tell him that “my mom is totally obsessed with you and we have pictures of you on the walls at our house.” If you know me in real life, you know it takes a lot to shake me, but I am still blushing as I write this blog about my chance encounter with a gifted and gracious artist I have admired for a long time.

The best part of this experience is that I met someone I admire greatly and he was a nice person.  He was under no obligation to hug me, pose for a photo, chat with my kids, or take the time to talk with me: but he did and was sincere during every moment of our encounter.  It just goes to show that all famous people are not soulless and sometimes the universe rewards patience during the long security checkpoints at the airport.  

The only downside to this encounter is now my 8-year-old daughter is convinced she is going to meet Shawn Mendez at the airport but who knows, it could happen.