Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Yo Ho Ho...Geek Parents Plan a Disney Scavanger Hunt for Christmas

Nathan (4) and Inara (6) got tickets to Disney Pirate Princess Jr. Live from Santa. As parents, we were worried that they would be under whelmed by an envelope from Santa. Peter Pan left a series of clues for our kiddos that sent them on a pirate adventure. Four treasure chests, 1 mile, a sunken bottle and some pixie dust later and our kids saved Christmas. Hook had stolen both their present from Santa and the puppies gifts: they had to follow the clues to save Christmas.

First, the kids found a box with instructions that they had to find 3 gold doubloons and hand them to their 6 foot tall grandpa to retrieve their first clue (it was on top of the tree). In line with the magic of Christmas, the children did not attempt to ask grandpa to get them their clue without paying Peter Pan’s requested toll.

We are very lucky to have a relative within walking distance. The first clue told the kids they had to walk 4 blocks to their great-grandma’s (GG) and save her from dragons. When they arrived she informed them the dragons were shy and they would have to find them. They found the clue and the box informed them they had to find a bridge (back to our grandparents house).

As the kids, still in their PJ’s ran enthusiastically back to their starting point. Our son hit every passing bush with his sword just in case Hook was hiding. Our daughter sang Jake & the Neverland pirates song at the top of her lungs. Neighbors arriving to celebrate Christmas in their driveways waved and laughed as though children in their PJ’s dressed like pirates is perfectly normal.

As we walked home the magical iphone informed us that the next clue had sunk. Grandpa saved the day and pulled it out to shore before the little ones arrived.

When we arrived back at the driveway our 6-year old remarked “why did we just walked all that way, instead of taking the car?”

After providing the puppies with their Christmas treats the kiddos returned to the map.

It took a little searching but they found their bottle washed ashore which prompted them to follow the pixie dust to the final clue. The final box was suspended in air and the kids had to chant

“Yo Ho, Hook Let the Box Go” -- 3 x’s - while throwing pixie dust everywhere.

It will likely not surprise any parents that our kids were much more excited about the treasure chest and gold chocolate than the tickets to the show. It is almost 10 am and they have not opened another gift. They are still relishing in the excitement of their adventure to save Christmas.

Thanks to all the relatives and friends that helped coordinate. Thanks to my awesome partner who painted treasure maps, rigged up floating treasure chests, used his modeling paint to decorate authentic chests.