Thursday, May 12, 2016

GUEST BLOGGER: 7-year Old Explains Why You Should be Kind to Animals

My son has written his first blog post that he would like for me to share online.  He wrote it on paper & then I helped him type, as he dictated.  I think I might have another vegan in our family in the future. 

My First Blog Post: "Good Animals" 

Hi I’m Nathan. I think you should not kill or hurt animals. They are innocent. I know you should not kill them.  They can be nice.  They will be mean though.  Just do not bother a rattle snake.

I love all animals they are really fun, especially pandas.  Pandas have lots of good things about them like they are chubby.  They are fun, cool, and they don’t bite.  I will get one.  Animals are nice, not mean, they are fun, I love them so much.  

Care for animals, live for them, love for them. 

My First Blog Post - May 12, 2016

My Rescue Dog "Ru"