Friday, December 25, 2009

Nintendo= Dangerous

DAY 15 & 16  

It is Christmas.  We still played games. 

Yesterday, after church, celebrating with family and getting the kids to bed I had a nightcap before we played games.  After a glass of wine it is no holds bar with the trash talking.  Lugi was called quite a few choice names when he stole my stars during the game.  Instead of mini-games we played Mario versus Lugi. The New Super Mario is like the old Mario with the minor difference that you get to steal from your partner instead of helping them.  My one-sided ad-hominid attacks were met with chuckles rather than contempt.  I feel guilty that Christmas Eve was filled with obscenities but John said he preferred I work out my holiday stress while the children are sleeping.  

We played DS because we spent the night at the in-laws and the DS makes for easy travel.  This beautiful Christmas day woke early to find Santa left Inara a Barbie corvette.  Inara drove the 5-speed coupe around her grandparents’ cul-de-sac with Nathan riding shotgun.  When the battery finally died we dragged them both back inside.  There was an abundance of food, family and wonderful gifts. 

Lori must have heard I am working on my aim because John and I were given Nerf guns for Christmas.  Do I foresee a nerf battle royal in our future? 

The majority of the Boone family must travel a great distance to celebrate today.  The Arizona, Los Banos and Fresno Boone contingents braved the freeways and made there way to dinner.  After the festivities the Arizona Boone’s were so tired that they kindly lent us their Wii for the evening.

Tonight we played Wii Sports.  First we bowled.  John tried to get fancy and put a spin on his throw and was consequently beaten by me when I picked up a spare.  Wii tennis was a fiasco that resulted in John repositioning at the other end of the couch: my swing began to threaten my safety. I was an embarrassment to an American pastime and went three innings without a single hit. 

When I reflect on our holiday gameplay I feel a twinge of embarrassment that I am so mean to my husband.  Is gaming the only place where I take my frustrations out on my partner?  Does he really think it is cute that I swear like a sailor (or ex-policy debater) or is he just humoring me?  Maybe it is just Nintendo that brings out my rage issues? 

Today was my sons first Christmas and he grinned from ear-to-ear the entire day.  Now both kiddos are in slumber land for what I predict will be many more hours.  Cursing and dangerous Wii remotes aside it was a fantastic day. 

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