Monday, December 21, 2009

DS= De-stress

DAYS 9-11 

I have had a busy few holi-filled days.  On Friday night John and I saw Avatar in 3D.   The movie was as one reviewer accurately summarized an updated version of Dances with Wolves set in space.  Kudos James Cameron, the 3D was great because it was subtle and he did not hit you over the head with it.  If you are going to see this in town the Mayan Cinema on California was nice experience. My one complaint was that the movie was almost 3 hours long.  We usually wait until the kiddos are asleep to play games but used that time to go see this movie. 

We still managed to fit in game time with our DS.  We played versus mini-games with The New Super Mario.  This was perfect for killing time while we perched in our movie seats an hour before to ensure center seats for our friends. 

When playing Mario I enjoyed the card games.  It was a nice distraction to block out the loud teenagers.  I hate to chat too much before a movie because then it is hard for me to shut up.  Often we will send one another text messages just to keep quiet. 

Playing DS reminded me of midnight movie releases with the Gamestop crowd.  When John worked for Gamestop we saw movies at midnight with all the store managers.  We took up two rows of a theatre and both rows would be lit up with little DS rectangles.  At the time it just seemed to be what you do.  I was nostalgic for about three seconds and then I remembered how happy I am to have a husband who is not a Gamestop tool during the chaotic holidays. 

We celebrated Christmas yesterday with the Tehachapi folks at my house.  It was a lot of work wrapping, cleaning and re-arranging; We stayed up until 2 am getting things ready.  Due to holiday preparation John and I amicably decided we should forgo gaming Saturday night.  We were still tired from staying out late to see Avatar the night before and just could not add an extra hour on to our day.  I felt really bad about missing one day in a hundred but John said we would just move our days to 101 to fulfill them all.

After our early Christmas yesterday and putting the kiddos to bed we wanted to watch the finale of Survivor.  Since Survivor is not a very intense viewing experience we just played DS through the show and beginning of the news.  We far exceeded our playtime but it was much more superficial than other play we have experienced in proceeding days. 

I am glad we have games lying around.  I think if all 100 days were just spent playing one game over and over I would go crazy.  Someone asked me how to get their partner to play games with them for 100 days?  They went on to tell me that they play Halo every night but cannot get their partner to join in.  

If anyone is thinking of taking on this project I would strongly warn against jumping right into first-person shooters as the first or only game your play.  I have previous gaming experience but for those who do not have foundational experience or interest in games, starting with Halo right out the gate will decrease the fun factor quickly.  John and I are lucky to actually have a good gaming library that we have acquired over many years.  You do not have to run out and buy a brand new game.  Buy an older game because some of the classics like Mario are easy and can be inexpensive.  

This week my blog will focus on some of the how-to aspects of our 100 days.  A lot of people have sent me questions about costs, starting out or convincing a partner to play.  Today my suggestions is start slow, gaming has a learning curve.


  1. CCB, I love that you're adding a "how to" element to this blog. Can I make a game suggestion? Brain Academy for the Wii is a great game - it has little brain quizzes, and the multiplayer options allow you to play cooperatively or against each other. Each puzzle only takes 30 seconds - 1 minute to complete, so you never get bored, the way you might with an RPG.

  2. I find this blog very timely. You talk with such hope and what sounds like a genuine desire to help others. Today your blog was in response to a similar plea and your response was full of anger and sadness. I know that change is my fault. I hope one day you get your smile back, I known this is a stupid exercise me commenting on your old blogs. But it reminds me of what we had and what i want to keep. Even though I don't deserve you I can't imagine being without you. Ok it's late but I'm still not tired, but am starting to ramble more and more. I'm curious to see how this how-to section turns out. I forgot how long ago we started this, avatar and ds seem like ages ago. It also makes me smile to think that the kids love those mini games just like we did.

    I love you doc.