Sunday, December 13, 2009

Anniversaries & Destruction


Our first wedding anniversary we were too broke to go out and celebrate.  We spent the entire night playing crash mode of Burnout.  We lived in a shitty one room flat without insulation or a heater.  After 11 straight hours unlocking everything possible we dined on Del Taco breakfast burritos and finally napped.  To this day it is one of my favorite memories.

I am a bit embarrassed to admit that today we played Pain for most of our hour.  It is similar to crash mode on Burnout but with a little too much Jackass humor for my taste. Slingshoting a virtual body into exploding objects was not as fun as when they are encased by cars.  The bowling level was great; my favorite surprise was when the bowling pins got swapped out for mimes.  I also liked that you could throw debris in the way of your opponent rather than just wait for it to be your turn.  Traditional bowling would be so much more fun that way.

We also played the demo of Ninja Turtles that incited an 80’s flashback.  We reminisced about one of the best cartoons ever but were not impressed enough to drop $10 bucks to continue our trip down memory lane. We tried Burn Zombie Burn since it has zombies but did not care for the split screen view.  Today our theme was chaos and destruction and it reminded me of being huddled together in that tiny room six years ago.  I am married to a man who indulges my affinity for supernatural science fiction and in turn I do not criticize his yearning to try random downloaded demos; a better marriage may not exist. 

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  1. That story is so great. It will be the one the kids have heard a hundred times and will get the "yeah yeah burn out del taco we know" I remember trying so hard to figure out games you would like to play. Things that I thought would be easier to control or more suitable to your taste in games. I am so glad we branched out into tabletop games. They are perfect for us. Games are fantastic too, Diablo is the best and new games come out all the time. But really I've learned that any game we play is time spent together and that's all I can ask.