Friday, December 17, 2010

Getting Buff

Last night I learned that my husband has a level 82 character on a server that I am not a part of. After I recovered from my WoW envy, I felt a twinge of guilt that he has been part of this virtual world for so long without me understanding. After this revelation and setting an awesome new Macros for my kitty the party set off to repeat a dungeon that I missed when my computer was being temperamental last week.

I should say before I discuss my play last night that we arrived home from a day at Disneyland at 6pm. After we got home, I taught my Thursday night yoga class. After teaching I got home at 9pm, sang to my daughter and logged into Terenes for scheduled questing.

As we moved forward I died- - a lot. I could blame it on our healer but really it is my own damn fault for pulling agro when I am the lowest level character in the guild. After my second death John reprimanded me and let me know to wait until he drew the enemies before I attack. Even though I knew it would quickly bring death part of me wanted to charge ahead even more. Instead I took my hands off my keyboard and waited for him to verbally say so before I charged forward. I knew before that I did not possess patience but waiting in the wings before I can beat guys up was horrible.

Aside from Johns secret leveling I learned a few things last night. The first is that I need to eat before I play so I am not grumpy. The second is that I cannot be the lowest person in the guild because I like to bait fights way too much. The final lesson for me is that I need to accept my role in a team a little more humbly instead of holding everyone back by dying over and over. This is the same group that replayed the same dungeon for me, yet again, just because they are awesome. And here I was running off when I am with a group of people who know what they are doing. Since I am a bit of a control freak, it is hard being in a situation where I am the least experienced. To resolve my feelings of inadequacy I need to level up so I can more effectively just play the muscle.

Friday, December 10, 2010

My First Time = No Stamina

Last night I shared my first guild experience. I had high expectations for my first time and really thought after one raid I would rue slow paced questing. It was a memorable first dungeon but more because of the company than the play. Because I was still level 15 on this server we got stuck in the Wailing Caverns dungeon and it was lame, luckily I leveled up quick and we could move on.

The dungeon experience was tainted for me because I faced several annoying logouts due to my overheating laptop. Once I leveled up we moved on to Shadowfang Keep and my computer decided it was to tired to let me play a better dungeon. At this point I was ready to just vege and watch some Vampire Diaries. Since I am an awesome wife, I let my hubby finish his boss fight before I watched his angsty vampire show so he could join in.

My first time did not rock my world but playing with real-life people was a memorable experience that I hope will last longer next time.