Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Doing It with the Lights On

DAY 14

John and I almost always play video games in the dark. The darkness might hold some deep symbolism or “symbology.” It is more likely because when it is dark John does not notice me jerking side to side to will my avatar to maneuver better (which I honestly do.) Perhaps the movie going experience has impressed upon us that screens are best illuminated in darkness?  Or is it just the best time since our kids are sleeping?  I am sure it is most likely due to the latter but today we successfully played for an hour while it was still light outside. 

When we began play of Little Big Planet I realized John had put yellow duck stickers all over my dress. Big yellow ducks are not flattering, even on a sock version of me.  Luckily, I can wash my costume in the game LBP.  The Frida levels we played today had explosives and my mantilla got all sooty so this knowledge came in handy.

John thinks that my character is scary.  I think she is adorable. I think our characters even look like a pair.  We both favor zombie-looking accessories with neutral colors.  John adds tacky accessories to his character but we still look cute.  I need to get a screenshot of our little people running around.  We spent more time today just being with one another during gameplay.  We played with explosives, taunted scorpions, died on cactus and danced. Even though there is not utilitarian purpose in the game we danced.

In the summer of 2006 John and I attended the amazing wedding of our friends Eryk and Dena in Hawaii.  The reception guests were inebriated enough that John felt comfortable dancing with me.  For the first time in the decade since we had been a couple we laughed, spun and danced.  Today while we were playing LBP Johns little sock man grabbed my little sock lady and dragged me to the dance floor.  We spun, made faces and danced for no particular reason.  Not to celebrate beating a level, bad guy or earn points: we just danced. 


  1. Oh, I always notice you flailing around with the controller, it's cute ^^ Also I am of the firm belief that games look better in the dark b/c of lack of glare, but that doesn't stop me from playing in the daylight.

    And hey what is this about me having tacky accessories, I think the cape complements my sombrero perfectly.

    And about the Dancing there are to benefits to it other than earning points and such.

  2. Lol again somethings never change, but in this case so many things do. You don't flail aroundnanymore I have to say my sense of style has gotten a lot better, and the dancing well I try to do it a lot more often still not in public yet, but gimme some time. I love that we make time for games in the afternoon I hate having to stay up late now (I say this and I'm not tired at 2:30) I think now it has more to do with the new grooves we have been making. I love so many of the changes I have made, going to bed with you every night is one kf them. Tonight I lay in bed alone because you were to upset to stay, with me, with the situation, with life and with this house. I know you hate it here and I do as well. I will be happy to put it behind me I want nothing more than remodel our little house downtown so that not only will it be the little house we bought but the little house we all ways wanted. And with that thought I am going to sleep. I will continue this project tomorrow. In till the my beloved wife from the past. I look forward to rereading your.words and reliving our memories.