Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nursing and Gaming- Our first Roadblock


It is a cold rainy day here in Btwon. I went for a jog and John went to donate blood.  After our daily obligations we found time to get in an hour of Little Big Planet. 

Before our hundred days I had watched John play LBP; I thought the controls would be more challenging than they are.  I had issues with depth but the game is really easy to play. After getting through the first few levels my 10-month old demanded my attention.

We made a marital commitment and a hungry infant did not impede our gaming.  I angled the baby to nurse while playing LBP.  Nate loved watching us play and we made it an entire level before he realized that the controller makes the little people on the screen move. We were not so successful in our user created play of Ninja Warrior.  Breastfeeding while gaming has put a kink in our plans but not stopped us.


  1. You've got made skills to be able to nurse and play video games at the same time. I've seen people master circular breathing so they can smoke their hookah and keep playing video games. But your scenario makes more sense.

  2. Lol to think mate has been apart of this since the beginning makes me so happy. That little man loves nothing more than to play games with us. Be it nightly zombies with you or Diablo with me he shares this joy with us both.

    Also I have to give you credit I remember you playing lbp you have gotten so much better, practice and time might not make things perfect but it can make them better


    1. OMG that is true. We played when I was preggo. We played while I was nursing. We play almost daily with this kid. Gaming is in his blood. There is now way for him to escape it.