Saturday, December 26, 2009

Getting Two-Timed

DAY 17

The last few days have just blurred together.  Christmas is over but the leftover food and festivities are still going strong. We played Bunko for three hours tonight with the Boone and McGraw familia.  I played Wii this afternoon with Marissa but not John. Even though John and I were at the same place it seemed as though we were not together at all today.

By the time we got home we were all gamed out. We miserably attempted to play Lego Batman.  This is the first time we have played this game without beating a level.  John had to check a Game Faqs walk through because we got stuck midway through the level.  There is no shame in the frequent use of a convenient alternative to dropping twenty bucks on a strategy guide.  We did not even get to see any of the tongue and cheek humor cut scenes that make me love Lego Batman so much.

Today I found out John is two-timing me.  I have long known he has a bromance with his best friend Rocky.  They maintain a long distance relationship with regular phone calls, emails and games.  Since I have been gaming with John every day I thought his primary gaming needs were being met by me?  He is still playing solo games via Dragon Age and talking through play with his boyfriend.  On top of that, they are also keeping late night play dates when I am sleeping.

When I first realized Rocky is dominating Johns gameplay time I was surprised.  I must admit as the day wore on and they talked for hours about games I was jealous.  They also tried to lure me into Diablo 2.  I am reluctant because past precedent has shown that whenever I begin any Blizzard title I get addicted.  Diablo 2 and I have some history that pre-dates motherhood.  The last thing I need is to turn into Clara from The Guild.

On the subject of The Guild I am thinking of experimenting with video blogging instead of journal entries?  On that thought it is time to wake  my wheezing sweetie and drag him upstairs to bed before he picks up the controller again. 

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