Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sex or Video Games?

My son Nathan refused his nap and played while Inara slept this afternoon. Instead of gaming we watched Twighlight.  I read the books and really enjoyed New Moon.  The movie made me feel like a bit of a pedophile ogling barley 17 year old Taylor Lautner (aka shirtless eye candy.)  All of the sexual tension in the movie brought up and interesting question between John and I this evening:

Sex or Video Games? So the obvious answer: Um.  Both.

When you have children often you have to choose what to do with martial recreation time.  We have our TV shows that we watch when the kiddos go to sleep.  Since we have made our 100-day commitment we have sacrificed our TV time for games.  There is also that pesky sex life to fit into the mix.  When video games take the last iota of energy I have left am I sacrificing physical intimacy for technological intimacy? 

 Like everything else we are trying to keep up both.  Tonight we played DS that is much less vigorous and easier to wind down.  Elite Beat Agents is the game of the day.  It is Guitar Hero meets Ouendan.  We played in bed cuddled close and then John went back downstairs to play Uncharted 2.

Uncharted 2 is a new milestone for our marriage.  John was forthright about purchasing it behind my back.  Before he would have gone to great lengths to lie about buying games without us budgeting but instead he got the game and explained right away that it was a deal that he could not pass up.  We try to always discuss non-essential purchases. The fact that he did not try to hide his transgression means that either he knows I will see his play log or we are becoming more honest with one another about everything.

Playing video games in the bedroom and increased honesty; Video games make our marriage better every day. 

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  1. so you did enjoy twilight huh? It drove me Nuts. just like the first one, so much angst and nothing really happened. There was no real conflict or resolution, it was almost like when in marvel comics they had the "what if" one shots like "what if" captain america got turned into a werewolf (real comic plot i swear) And wow they didn't even try to hide the man candy. But I must say Alice(i think is her name) is awesome but not nearly crazy enough She was crazier in the first movie and christine said she was crazier still in the books. I like my precog's crazy in the head and speaking in riddles. Oh and Dakota Fanning was awesome and twisted.

    Enough Twi-rantings. I am so totally Ok with ditching TV shows for games. they are so much more engaging but still nice to kinda veg out with. when watching TV i feel like we both retreat to our repective sides of the couch and just kinda, sit. while with games that happens to but there is usually some interaction that happens outside of game world, depending on the game it might be
    "dammnit why did you take that Health"
    or "High Five Dr. Doom is Toast."
    either way much better than laughing at the same joke or cringing at the same lame polt twist.
    Ok enough from me time to sleep soon.