Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Love and Legos

Day 41: Last week was a big week for the married gamers. 

“Everything is Awesome”

In a previous blog I discussed how my son spent his birthday playing Lego Batman on the Xbox with me.  For his party he extended his lego theme but we super sized it.  We successfully hosted 30 kids at a “Lego Movie” birthday (yup we are crazy people). We had a lego cake, lego doors, lego balloons, lego poop (lego people in ziplocks with MnM’s).  We showed the movie outside and the kids each had lego cars (aka cardboard boxes) for their viewing pleasure.  One of the great miracles of this event was that I popped 8 cups of popcorn, 8 cups not fully popped but in kernel form, and prepared other food but did not set any small fires.   
It was so powerful to see all these people come together and just shower our lil' guy with love and legos.  Yesterday I came home from a super tuff hike and found the hubs on the floor assembling birthday minecraft legos with the lil’ guy and this moment brought me so much joy.  I am not sure if having gamer geek parents makes a difference for the kids but having kids makes my life so much better.

Valentine’s Day

It was around Valentine’s day over 16-years ago when my best friend held my hand while we watched Monday night raw.  There was no pretense, or flirting, and it didn’t go any further but it changed the course of my life forever.  That being said I don’t really believe in Valentine’s Day.  I become physically ill when I hear the 50 Shades commercials come on and I do not want freeway roses.  But since things have been rocky, and a friend offered to babysit, I thought we would have a romantic day of games. 

Instead, after the post-birthday sleepover and subsequent cleaning I slept through most of the afternoon.  By evening we took a romantic walk to Target where I was super uncomfortable because most of the women there were dressed in their finest hoochie wear.  Note: Women can wear whatever they want and should not be judged or shamed, but droves of women wearing their chonies on the outside at Target is yet another reason for me to despise this holiday.  The plan was to loose ourselves in games and that plan never happened.  We ended up playing some Forbidden Isle on the iPad and going to bed early.  You can’t schedule geek romance, you can’t force play, you just have to give over to the other person and the fantasy.   Any maybe if you stop planning for one second, you will share a moment, like the brush of your best friends fingertips.  

Game Night

Sunday after church we played three new tabletop games.  Thankfully, we have a great and growing network of friends who are lending/leasing us games to try in our ongoing play. “Leasing” seems like a strange word for sharing board games but one of our friends is trying to weed out some of his un-played games and is letting us test drive them before we buy.  We played Sheriff of Nottingham (one round adults and one round with the kiddos).  We played Machi Koro and SushiGo as some quick card games.  I realized even in all my years playing magic I had never done a draft and it was awesome this weekend.   Having friends to play, share and talk about games keeps the hearth burning bright.  Plus me winning a bunch always makes my day.

Update: Paladin Game Castle has scheduled in TableTop day & #GatherYourParty for all day April 11th.  But alas still no news of Wil Wheaton. Curse you Wil Wheaton all the cool kids are playing and leasing board games in B-town.  

Pebbles: Moving the trash cans back up the hill & scheduling the babysitter.

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