Friday, May 1, 2015

Why You Should Bring Joss Whedon on Your First Date

Day 124: Dating my husband the reboot  


Joss Whedon is my Hero

I love Joss Whedon.  Not a crazy stalker kind of love.  But I am so moved by his storytelling that spans different mediums from the big screen to his awesome comics.  One of the best aspects of his storytelling is his ability to create an ensemble that portrays real life interpersonal relationships diluted with hilarious quips.  A few, I am showing amazing self-restraint here, but a few examples of my favorite lines include:

“The thing about changing the world... Once you do it, the world's all different.”
― Joss WhedonBuffy the Vampire Slayer: The Long Way Home

“I'm not a leader now. I'm a whole damn army.”
― Joss WhedonFray

“He is reproducing faster than catholic bunnies.”
― Joss Whedon, Age of Ultron

Dr. Horrible & Captain Hammer (me n hubs)

Plus Joss is unapologetically a feminist and supports women both through his art and his fame.  Since I am obsessed with all things Joss it goes with out saying that I had to see Avengers 2: Age of Ultron on opening night.

Sci-Fi /Action Movies 101

Though my Joss love runs deep, seeing action movies at the stroke of midnight is not a new thing for me.

I think the hubs for first realized the depth of my geekiness on May 18, 1999 when I convinced him to ditch school so we could be first in line to see the midnight showing of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.  If convincing him to wait in line for 16 plus hours was not proof enough I was also a 17-year old girl that brought a light saber with me to the movie (yup I am a big ole’ geek). 

This was the night that he also first experienced my interactive relationship with action movies.  I get really excited and often will clap, cheer, curse, or dialogue with the screen while I watch an action movie.  This is a learned habit for which I blame my mother who took me to Rocky Horror for so many years.  But I am not embarrassed by my behavior, when you attend an action movie on opening night the room is usually packed and filled with anticipation, so my conduct goes largely unnoticed (thank you rowdy teenage boys).  However, further into our relationship the hubs would realize that even during matinees filled with gray hair I will holler at the screen.  Needless to say he pretty much always tries to get me into a full theatre on opening night. 

But it is not just the excitement of seeing it before anyone else.  Or that there is almost always crazy good previews.  And it is not just the relief that you can open your computer without fear of spoilers.  The collective energy of the crowd combined with the big screen makes it the only way to experience a big action or sci-fi movie.

Dating My Husband

Over the last few months I have played a lot of video games with the hubs.  We have gone to couples therapy, retreats, church, and lots of other group functions together.  But last night was the first time in 124 days that we have gone on an actual date.  And I have to say it was so weird. 

For a few minutes I felt self-conscious for being the only one clapping in the theatre when the Marvel title appeared.  But once mesmerized by the amaze-balls special effects that nervousness wore off because I kinda forgot the hubs was there (I know that is bitchy but seriously Joss has the ability to totally captivate me).

I had yoga before the movie so we arrived at the theatre separately.  Arriving was made all that more strange because there was nostalgia attending the same rinky-dink theatre that I dragged him to so many years ago to see Star Wars.  Even in the fervor of the occasion there were many moments that I felt the overwhelming since of grief that has plagued me for the last few months start to creep in.  

I was still on a date with a fellow geek but he is not the same guy I married and he never will be.  Well ain’t that a kick in the pants?  Tip of the day: when things are crazy awkward-- taking your wife to see a blockbuster movie written and directed by her hero is a great buffer (heh heh buffer, get it?).

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