Saturday, January 17, 2015

12 Years of Holding Hands and Holding Controllers

Day 11: Gaming through 12 Years of Marriage 

System: iPad
Developer: Popcap/ EA

Reflection: Both of my kiddos ran screaming into the room that Frostbite Caves is now open in PvZ 2.  We only played the party level for the day but the long awaited new area was a big to-do in our family.  But today is a big day not just because it marks the discovery of a new level in PvZ. 

The Dozen

Many things come by the dozen, a base number including: roses, months, eggs, beer, golf balls, condoms, and donuts (to name a few).  On a foggy day in Bakersfield, twelve-years ago today I had just married my best friend at St. Joseph’s catholic church. 

Our wedding celebration pre-dated the bridezillas phenomena, and the entire occasion was a family collaboration.  The food and venue provided by my grandparents, booze from my inlaws, and party favors and table décor arranged by my sister and mom.  My generous family each contributed a small part to make the event a grand and beautiful occasion.  It was so special to experience aspects of my family throughout the day, none chosen by me, but each a way for my family to love me.

For everyone who has been married 12-year you know that not every day is as magical as a wedding day.  That day is a sacrament of faith that we draw upon for strength on all the other days that follow.

One of the most special moments of my wedding is when my partner asked me “what I thought of my ring engraving?”  (which I had yet to notice).  I quickly slipped the ring off my finger to read the etching that stated…


I remember I had to remind myself to exhale as I almost immediately embraced my partner and cried tears of joy.  The night was filled with jubilation, colorful characters, and memories that would last a lifetime.  A life based on the promise etched in that ring that this was the beginning.

Cheaper by the Dozen

I was 21-years old when I married my soul mate.  We were young, and broke, and idealistic.  Our first wedding anniversary we could not afford a night out, a day off work, or even to exchange greeting cards.  Instead we played the game Burnout: Paradise City in crash mode for the entire night.  We played for so many hours that we did not realize the sun was rising until the sound of our stomachs growling forced us awake.  We found 3 dollars and walked to the Dell Taco a few blocks away to purchase the most fowl breakfast burritos I have ever consumed.  Yet, this is my favorite anniversary memory—gaming through the night, eating stale processed egg substitute, with nothing to our name but our love, and one another. 

Today I can afford to buy a fancy meal.  We can agonize to choose the perfect game to play.  We have friends, and a gaming table, and two beautiful children that are so eager to play games with us they run joyfully to announce when a new level appears.  But nothing has ever been as good as that first celebration in a one-room flat, playing crash mode, eating dell taco, when nothing else in the world mattered but the other person holding a controller.   

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