Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gone Girl the Game

Day 13: Think Small

System: Table Top
Developer: Fantasy Flight Games 
Kiddos grabbed a pic of us play LoTR

I am not known for my artistic or domestic capabilities but I pushed this year to keep my 12th anniversary gift themed.  My gift was a scavenger hunt, without the Gone Girl evilness, that involved a series of 12 clues hidden throughout the house.  After puzzling out the clues the final gift item was a love letter from me, and the LoTR card game that I discussed in my previous blog.

I got a cool gift from my partner too.  It was custom artwork from a local artist, Johnny Ramos.  One thing that we discussed after we traded gifts was that we both went out of our way to acquire local items.  No, the LotR card game is not developed in B-twon, but it is sold at a local gamestore Otto’s.  Though we both contemplated sending flowers from big box stores or shipping something sparkly (like a game disc) via Amazon as an easy solution to shopping, we wanted to do something more thoughtful.

I am a Gamer not Hoarder…Really!  

I am totally fascinated by people who live in “tiny houses” and I have watched everything on Netflix, Hulu, and Xfinity, that I can to learn more about them.  It is profound to watch people pare down their lives to the bare essentials.  On the spectrum between Hoarders and Tiny Houses I am closer to the hoarding condition.  I have not been able to part with my GameCube, Super Nintendo, strategy guides, and cartridges, and have a china hutch filled with board games.  But when it comes down to it, I have reduced my marriage to the activity that brings me the most joy and that is games because it is about being together.

It makes me sad that when we visited Otto’s, the aforementioned local gamestore, that the neighboring bar was full (Sunday football) and the gamestore was empty.  I will admit that I loved having the space and selection of board games to play in store, but it made me a little sad.  I hope that my current challenge to my marriage that is about reconnecting with a person I love will inspire the 3 people who read my blog to enjoy someone they love, instead of just being with them.

At Otto's playing "Hey That's My Fish"  

At Otto's Playing "Tsuro"

At Otto's kissing the winner. 

Have Games will Travel

This weekend we will travel as a family for the first time since before the separation.  But living in a hotel for three days with two small children is not a reason to abandon games.  My hubby organized our new LotR card game into snazzy boxes and put the cards in sleeves so that we have a portable game to play while we are traveling.  Staying in hotels is like living in a small house, you start to realize you don’t need most of the stuff around you—you just need the people you love.

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