Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Veronica Mars and Investing in Awesomeness

Yup, I am not ashamed to admit that I am a marshmallow.

I was incredibly depressed for about 10 seconds that the new Veronica Mars movie was not showing in Bakersfield.  The kickstarter campaign released the movie for digital purchase and my depression was quickly alleviated.  After nine years of anticipation I got to watch the new Veronica Mars movie on my iPad (legally).

Technology & Purchasing Power

Technology has completely altered purchasing power.  There is everything from alibaba to ebay that allow sellers across oceans to find just what they want. 

Kickstarter is a great service for those of us with unique interests it allows us to help small businesses or  help artists make their way.   My family spends at least $500 a years supporting kick starter campaigns (probably more but I don’t want my husband to tell me the real number).  We give to video game charities such as ExtraLife.  We support small business that make niche supplies for tables top games such as Super Dungeon Explore:Forgotten King. 

It’s a Small World After All

I was incredibly eager to support the Veronica Mars movie kickstarter but they met their goal so fast I couldn’t even give them my money.  Some people have complained the move is “more of the same.”  I didn’t want a movie inspired by the series I wanted a movie that continued the narrative, which it did. Even though the movie had a limited release in theatres it still sold an admirable quarter of a million tickets over the weekend and made it into the top 10 (as number 10).   This proves I am not the only person excited about the movies release.

Last month my husband travelled to Las Vegas for a WarMachine Tournament.  By coincidence he met, face-to-face, several of the vloggers, national champions of Warmachine but also some small business folks he has supported on kickstarter.  Though technology is one way to help support other like-minded individuals it is still fun to meet people in the flesh.  If the movie was showing in Bakersfield I would have bought a ticket and still purchased a digital copy. 

Final Comments: Movie is Awesome and Don't be a Dirty Pirate 

The Veronica Mars movie is good.  I love the fact that it actually explains technology and pokes fun at itself and refers to the Big Lebowski just enough.  Several comments that endeared me but are not limited to the mention of a “desperate kickstarter campaign,” and a student that sadly is “most likely to blog.”  Aside from including an awesome female protagonists making bad romantic decisions the movie is worth watching because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

See this movie but make sure to pay for it! 


  1. This post inspired me to go get the movie tonight!!

    1. We need to have another wine and movie/ TV girls night again soon. With no mention of the dreaded dissertation.