Monday, November 7, 2011

The Jiron's Celebrate 50 Years: A Love Story

The year was 1961, Ted Jiron was working for the Los Angeles County Engineering Department when he decided to join a bowling league with some of his coworkers. Arlene had recently decided to move from Bakersfield to L A with some of her friends, the three of them also decided to join a Bowling League. It just so happened that one of Ted's coworkers had joined his same bowling league along with two of her friends from Bakersfield. Once a week in a smoky room with rented shoes the Jiron romance began.

Arlene was working at an ice plant on Alemeda street and Ted's job for the county was only a few blocks away. Working only blocks apart, bowling dates turned into lunch dates. Tragedy struck as their courtship progressed and Arlene lost her job and confessed to Ted that she would soon be moving back to Bakersfield. Ted realized he could not live another day without her and asked for her hand in marriage. Before Arlene agreed they decided to come to Bakersfield and meet the Cruz Family. Only months after they met, Ted asked Grandpa Carl for Arlene's hand to which he happily agreed and help setup the arrangements. On November 11th 1961 Judge Noriega showed up at the Cruz home and married Ted Jiron and Arlene Cruz inside of her childhood home.

After five decades the Jiron family has grown beyond their 3 children Teddy Jiron, Gina Hertz & Joey Jiron, to include 9 grandchildren (Genine, Chris, Tawny, Nick, Jake, Sydney, Joey, Annette, Molly) and 4 great grand children (Anjel, Inara, Nathan, Jett).

Now retired Ted & Arlene and their cockapoo Taffy recently moved to the Rio Bravo Country Club and stay busy with their grandchildren, church and playing golf. Together they coordinate Eucharistic ministers at St. Josephs Catholic Church and attribute their strong marriage to their faith.